Ghosts: The Ghost of Gladstone Villa

Book 'Em, Jan O

Readers, this is one very haunted house!  You can see a youtube video here:Gladstone Villa Ghost video – first hand account  warning: it’s hard to hear (if you do go there, be sure to turn your volume ‘way up).   As in many such stories, calling in a priest to bless the place only seemed to escalate the problem (and I say this as a priest who has blessed some dark places, but fortunately with better results).  Have a look at The Ghost of Gladstone Villa

To learn more about real ghosts, please see About Ghosts: A Useful Handbook.  For some great ghost stories, please see Death Be Not Loud, Rest In Fleece, and Sepia Seepage.  To learn about ghosts in modern fiction, please see Infectious Ghosts. And so much more, at: Jan’s Amazon Page

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Famous Beresford Ghost Story (with introduction)

Making memories

Since my previous blog post was about Curraghmore, I thought I would share with you a very popular Beresford Ghost Story for upcoming Halloween. It came out, however, that I have no spooky ghastly photos of Curraghmore House.  I decided to write an illustrated introduction about another place just behind the wall from the Curraghmore estate – the Mayfield House, Portlaw, of which I have plenty of spooky looking pictures, and the most important, a spooky true story.


Since the ancient Rhododendron tree fell down during the hurricane Ophelia in autumn 2016, the only way to get to the Mayfield house is to crawl through under the tree trunk…

… which I did…

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Dr. Seuss


Dr Seuss is one talented author!! I love his style and humour….what I love the most about him is there is always a hidden bigger meaning behind his writing. In such a clever creative way it gets both young and older audiences thinking.

My favourite film of all time by Dr. Seuss has to be The Cat in the Hat! Jam packed full with humour from the start,  this film is brilliantly smart! Guaranteed this film will leave you feeling cheery and happy! If you haven’t already, I suggest you give this film a watch! You will not be disappointed.

Below are a few of my fave quotes from the film and Dr. Seuss.

Today you are You, that is truer than true.
There is no one alive who is Youer than You.

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.
Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get…

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Ghosts: More True Stories from the News

Book 'Em, Jan O

Readers, you’ll dig these scary first-hand ghost stories, assembled for your edification by the Daily Mail at the following link:  Ghosts in the News!

To learn more about real ghosts, please see About Ghosts: A Useful Handbook.  For some great ghost stories, please see Death Be Not Loud, Rest In Fleece, and Sepia Seepage.  To learn about ghosts in modern fiction, please see Infectious Ghosts. And so much more, at: Jan’s Amazon Page

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The Filth: The Explosive Inside Story of Scotland Yard’s Top Undercover Cop


This was a very enjoyable and informative read about a boy who grows up wanting to be a Metropolitan cop with an eye towards becoming an elite detective with Scotland Yard. It follows along his journey, first showing how his father was a shining example for him, being a medic and green beret in the royal marines who helped guide his path. He applied and was accepted at age 16 for training to be a Met cop. His only disappointment was that he had to spend an extra year doing schoolwork to take that path. He wasn’t all that fond of schoolwork and really wanted to get on with real life stuff, but if that’s what he had to do, he guessed he’d have to put up with it. He did well and became the youngest new copper. He was assigned an experienced partner to show him the ropes for…

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CHICAGO: New Americas Writers Museum ‘ now has an opening date in May 2017 and will be the first of its kind in USA with many new and exciting features included – @AceNewsServices

#AceWritersNews – Feb.22: First-of-its-kind, the American Writers Museum will open on May 16th, located along Chicago’s Cultural Mile at 180 North Michigan Avenue.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel says, “This is the perfect city to have the first-ever writer’s museum.”

The museum will look at authors from the early Native American oral traditions to more current voices. It’ll feature everyone from Mark Twain to Dr. Seuss, and from Richard Wright and Ernest Hemingway to Gwendolyn Brooks and Carl Sandburg.



“The American Writer’s Museum has the distinction of being the first, and only, museum of its kind, dedicated to honoring and promoting American authors,” board member Leigh Conant said.

Conant added, “We anticipate that a minimum of 100,000 people will visit the AWM annually, experiencing great literature and its authors in a variety of ways.”

Among the galleries will be one called “Word Play.” It’ll have interactive tabletop consoles that encourage visitors to experiment with words and even make up words and meanings.

There’ll also be “The Mind of a Writer Gallery.” It will include a giant roll of paper suspended from the ceiling to an easel. Every day, museum staff will start a story by writing a single sentence on the paper and visitors will be able to add to it using their own writing flare.

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The Rendering | KC Books & Music | @kcbooksnmusic

The Rendering | KC Books & Music from Kev’s Tweet

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19/09/2016, 17:34
The Rendering…

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