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A brilliant amalgamation of suspense with paranormal.

Forever, together, we are dust. Pieces of everything; pieces of all of us.

Dust, the play, was brought back after 20 years, and came along with it was the curse and the unsolved murder of the actress who played the lead. Chloe, Jess, and Ryan who worked in the theater in 2005 were lost in the aisles of life after the third show, but their motes wandered into the 2019, bringing with it the overcast of the past, some remembered, some forgotten, but always present in the fringes of memory.

Forever, together, we are dust. Pieces of everything; pieces of all of us.

The prose… Oh the prose… It gave me goosebumps, there was something so haunting about it. I peered closely looking at the choice of words and the way they were juxtaposed to give off the maximum effect. I was in awe of this author whose instincts brought out the most atmospheric read.

Forever, together, we are dust. Pieces of everything; pieces of all of us.

Subtlety of the unknown, the twilight where everything was held at just the right balance, the play of shadows in the light were hidden in the fringes of the writing which winked at me every few pages. It was not the spotlight on the stage that held my attention but the darkness and its movements at the back which made me shiver.

Forever, together, we are dust. Pieces of everything; pieces of all of us.

The author, Louise Beech, made me feel as if something or someone was treading over my grave. I was awake with my heart on my throat, feeling as if I were afloat on the cloud of slumber. Why couldn’t I see what was hidden but only feel its movements?

Forever, together, we are dust. Pieces of everything; pieces of all of us.

Suspense and dread equally took up place in my heart where I wanted to read more, yet stop to hold off the knowledge. The story told to me in two timelines 2019 and 2005 where the past of the ouija board played on the senses of the present. The lives of the three, who played the board and invited those who ought to remain suspended, showed its effects right through the pages, the darkness of the moment casting its shadows on the characters.

Forever, together, we are dust. Pieces of everything; pieces of all of us.

Every time I shut the book and opened it later, I felt I was there right there in the dust that covered my kindle, my insides trembled as I started reading. There were the blurred sight, the gasping inhales, and the shiver-y sighs as I traveled further into the story. I reacted more viscerally to this book than any others in my life.

Forever, together, we are dust. Pieces of everything; pieces of all of us.

I read the lines, I breathed the words, my soul got absorbed into the atmosphere that was this tale. My moments in suspended time started and ended in the pages of this book.

Book Review – I am Dust by Louise Beech @LouiseWriter @OrendaBooks @annecater #BookReview #BlogTour #suspense

BOOK REVIEW ~ Nothing Can Hurt You #BookZone

This started out sounding like it was going to be a good story. Maybe I should stick to strictly non-fiction, because I got lost in all of the characters and never quite got back to knowing what was what from that point on. I understood the basic story about the college student who was killed by her boyfriend. Then there’s the newspaper reporter who felt it might have something to do with the serial killer of several women. But the melange of characters rotate so much that I couldn’t keep up, until I’d wasted a lot of time, and then it was time to switch to another character again. I read this mostly in one day, so it’s not like I dragged it out over weeks and lost the thread of the story or the characters. It just felt like too many balls juggling in the air at one time to me. I’m staying away from fiction with my crime. Just the facts, Ma’am, from now on. Advanced electronic review copy was provided by NetGalley, author Nicola Maye Goldberg, and the publisher.


Bloomsbury Publishing – 240 pages
Published date: June 23rd, 2020
My rating: 2/5


The Author- Nicole Maye Goldberg is a graduate of Bard College and Columbia University. She is the author of the novella Other Women (Sad Spell Press, 2016) and the poetry collection The Doll Factory (Dancing Girl Press, 2017). Her work has appeared in CrimeReads, The Quietus, Queen Mob’s Tea House, Winter Tangerine, and elsewhere. She lives in New York City.

BOOK REVIEW ~ Nothing Can Hurt You

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Book Review – Avenge The Dead by Jackie Baldwin @JackieMBaldwin1 @0neMoreChapter_ @damppebbles @DamppebblesBTs #BookReview #BlogTour #policeprocedural

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Errol Flynn: Satan’s Angel by David Bret

The original Australian American action adventure star who was originally discovered by an agent of Warner Brothers. He didn’t kowtow to the studio heads though, he told it like it is, in his opinion. It’s filled with stories about his rise to stardom and life long history of debauchery, which turns out to have no bias toward either gender or age. He was also quite the party animal, which sometimes caused him trouble when he was working on movies. He found it easy to run into party buddies to join him in the evenings when he went out to prowl, and of course the women were always plentiful for all of them. He was a prodigious drinker and sometimes experimented with different drugs here and there as well.

Flynn was married 3 times and had a son and 3 daughters. I’ve gotten hooked on his exploits and have already ordered 2 more books on the subject, one written by him just before he died that came out just after, written with a ghostwriter, titled His Wicked Wicked Ways, which most are familiar with. The other book I’m getting was written as a memoir by the ghostwriter Conrad and looks to be just as juicy as he adds things that Flynn couldn’t say, really. It also goes into their time in Jamaica writing Flynn’s book together while Flynn was with the under aged Beverly Aadland, who he kept mum about in his own book, wanting to avoid another rape trial. He needn’t have worried after all, as he was too far gone to live to see any trial. Then I’ll want to look for his movies to watch, a few of the better ones, at least.