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Know My Name: A Memoir

This is the disturbing story about the sexual assault that was all over the news a few years back about the Stanford student who was discovered attacking a woman who was unconscious and partly unclothed outside near a dumpster. A pair of bicyclists came to the aid of the woman, giving chase when the man ran off on seeing them. They first checked to see that the woman was ok before going after him. The victim’s identity was shielded by being known as Emily Doe for a long while, up until trial when her first name was used. She later outed herself with this excellent book. And of course the perpetrator is the creepy Brock Turner of former swimming note.

Miller does a wonderful job of sharing her experiences and trauma of the aftermath following waking up in the hospital after the attack, and the ordeal of getting to and then through the trial. Recommended. Advance electronic review copy was provided by NetGalley, author Chanel Miller, and the publisher.