Ghosts: The Most Haunted Site in the Military!

Book 'Em, Jan O

And the honour goes to … Okinawa!  I had a recent post about a haunting here, but here’s more! Much of the haunting described in this article is located at Kadena Air Base! Where in a past life I was an officer’s wife, lo these many years ago, I can only nod in agreement – there were definitely some crazy haunted places and some were in our officers’ housing.  Yikes.  (PS I loved Okinawa, ghosts  and all)! There are many more haunted places on Oki which are not within the many military bases located there – you can google this and among other things, read about the haunted hotel they are tearing down!  Enjoy today’s interesting ghost essay, from, via Most Haunted Place in the Military!

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