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I’m sorry I’m not here much these days. Fact is, I just can’t cope with more than 200 emails/blogs every day, I just can’t.

A nasty stomach flu turned nastier with complications and after three falls in quick succession I was admitted to hospital where my blood pressure was stabilised and I was rehydrated. I was and am listed as a fall risk so now I’m the proud possessor of a walking frame. Yippee!

Anyway, I intend going on, I have no choice. My annual sub to WordPress is due soon and I will renew for another year, and try to be here from time to time.

Despite the setbacks I want to let you know I’ve published three more books since ‘natural selection’ and assure you (modestly) they make good reading. Have a look when you get a minute.

ŸOf Land, Sea & Sky

A collection of travel and expat experiences,

observations, jots, strained…

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