the books of Herve Ryssen


There are many books written about the Jews (and their many contributions or effects on history and society) by Jews and Jewish apologists that can be easily purchased through the large publishing houses, in the book stores and online.  But, what of thoroughly researched and annotated works of recent years that are critical of the Jews and their undeniable effects upon Western societies in the past few centuries?  Why are many of such written works banned from online retailers and cannot be found in the bookstores?

Herve Ryssen (born 1967) researched and wrote several lengthy books on Jews, their actions, and their effects on Western societies.  These books were written between 2005 and 2010.  (Although a few titles in his series of books do appear on Amazon for greatly inflated prices, very few book publishers are willing to print any of these in the US.)  Let’s briefly list the books…

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