Fighting Winter Blues

Writing is so difficult sometimes as you say it’s depressing but even saying that this post proves what a great writer you are already … So thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting and 👍 and we all all get inspired by what our senses tell us daily … I was and am in inspired to read more of your life … That’s a grant of knowledge … Worth more than money … Regards Ian ⭐️

J. A. Allen

It would be fair to say that occasionally, I suffer from depression. It seems to be a common thread among some writers. I don’t talk about it often, simply because it isn’t the looming monster a few of my friends and family members face. But around this time of year—every year—it sneaks up on me: a weight on my chest that’s hard to shake. img_20161130_101550I find it difficult to blog, to write, and even to return emails. And while sometimes I think it comes because my family lives too far to visit as often as I’d like, or my book is taking so long to write, or because I will never be the Stepford wife with the time and ambition to make a Pinterest perfect home,  in truth: my depression is seasonal, caused by the lack of summer warmth; the eternal shades of grey outside my window.

This January I allowed myself…

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