AUTHORS: BIO: Celebrity Chef Zombie Apocalypse


IMG_1351The reclusive author Jack Strange is an unusual fellow. His exact age is unknown. Those who’ve dared to ask him have never survived long enough to divulge the answer.

His writing is dark and comedic. He has a biting wit, an acid tongue, and some say, hoofed feet. With his leaning towards the undead, he’s a natural for the world of horror and gore.

Jack signed his contract in blood for Kensington Gore Publishing in early 2016; no-one is sure whose.

His first dark, comedic horror novel, “Celebrity Chef Zombie apocalypse” is to be published May 28th 2016. It’s a tale of true love, zombies, sex, cooking, cannibalism, depraved sex, and chasseur sauce.

Jack’s done too many jobs to mention. He could tell you, but then he’d have to kill you. Not because he worked for the secret services as a hit man or an executioner. It’s just that he gets bored very easily.

He has a wife, poor woman, and two lovely daughters who can’t be named for legal reasons.

Oh, and besides all that, Jack Strange lives in Huddersfield West Yorkshire. Need we say more?





RELEASED ON: 28/05/2016

Contact: Kensington Gore Publishing, kensington_gore

NEW AUTHOR Jack Strange from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire UK.

WORLDWIDE, 2016 – Kensington Gore Publishing are proud to announce the release of CELEBRITY CHEF ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE a genuine laugh out loud comedy horror novel that is full of biting social satire.

“Horror is on the menu!”

Front CoverCelebrity Chef Zombie Apocalypse is a gourmet delight for horror and comedy fans alike. It is stuffed with delicious laugh out loud ingredients, flambéed with horror, drizzled with social satire, and baked to perfection by totally un PC writer Jack Strange. A master piece meal of a book that will have you begging for seconds. Bon Appétit.

The author Jack Strange is available for interviews and appearances.

Jack Strange is @jackstrange11 on Twitter & leave comments through #CCZA

For book presentations, media appearances, interviews, and book-signings contact: kensington_gore

ATTACHED: Cover of the book CELEBRITY CHEF ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE designed by Graeme Parker.