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“One ring [blog] to rule them all. One ring [blog] to find them. One ring [blog] to bring them all, and in the darkness [Er, blogosphere?] bind them in the land of Mordor [KC Books & Music] where the shadows [greatest indie raves & reviews] lie” Muah ha ha aaargh! 😀

But what does it all mean, Kev?

blogimage2First of all, allow me to take you back in time: Once upon a… Ok, scrap that! For those of you who remember GreatIndieAuthors, the site that I deleted last December when health troubles began to get the better of Pat and I? Well, you see, before I deleted the site, I did a very clever thing. (I know, right!) I created a wordpress xml file of the whole blog.😀 Get a load of that then! Thinks Kev as he does a little dance.

Er, mm, anyway, now…

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