#Kev Says Snap, Cackle and Pop By Author Carol Kearney


“Carol Kearney has funny in her DNA, plus a big warm heart with a personality to match, all of which shines through in her writing. She lives her life by the law according to Sod – if something can go wrong, it will go wrong for her. But somehow she always comes out smiling with the ability to make others smile too.”

Julie Rutterford, BAFTA-winning writer of Trollied, Dickensian, Ripper Street, Shameless, Life On Mars

WORLDWIDE, 21st April 2016 – Wallace Publishing announces the release of Snap, Cackle and Pop, the heartbreaking and hilarious debut novel by author Carol Kearney.

Diagnosed with heart failure in 2013, Carol has spent the last two years realising her dream to write a book. And feedback from impressed television insiders has spurred her on to keep going. Despite living with pulmanory hypertention, a disease of the heart and lungs, Carol has already written two sequels to Snap, Cackle and Pop.

Snap Cackle Pop CoverSnap, Cackle and Pop introduces us to Cathy, a 54-year-old woman who has everything her heart desires. A big house, a new car and a husband who adores her. But what does Cathy do when the life she knows and loves is destroyed in eight minutes?

Thrown into turmoil, Cathy has no choice but to go back home to live with her elderly parents Stan and Joan. There she finds herself back in her old bedroom with the poster of Donny Osmond still tacked to the wall and a glitter ball still hanging from the ceiling.

Warm, funny and compelling, Snap, Cackle and Pop is about surviving whatever life throws at you. Even when your own mother’s advice is “Cheer up Cathy. The worst is yet to come”….


Carol lives in South Yorkshire with her husband and daughter. Her own story is one of surviving against the odds. Since losing her mother to cancer at the age of 10, Carol avoided hospitals like the plague until just a few years ago, when doctors told her she was highly unlikely to survive bronchial pneumonia and a misdiagnosed pancreatic cancer. “It was during this time I started to chant in my mind that I was going to get better, because I had not fulfilled my dream to write a book. And the more ill I got, the louder the chanting got,” laughs Carol. She’s been writing ever since.

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