Underpass Launch Presenting Croatian Literature Translated Into English

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Croatia, the War, and the Future

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Julienne Eden Busic Photo:ABCPortal.infoJulienne Eden Busic

The American born, wife and widow of the Croatian freedom activist Zvonko Busic, award-winning author Julienne Eden Busic, whose first novel “Lovers and Madmen” from 2000 brought her inside the world of notable literary creation but also quite central in energising Croatian writers to have their works translated into English, published online and, hence, bring Croatia closer to the English speaking world through translated stories…literature. Julienne, with the help of the Zvonko Busic Taic Foundation, has been organising workshops for Croatian authors, Croatian Writers Association, in Zagreb Croatia on “Basics of publishing in English” for many months now and has had US based Terra Chapek present at those workshops. Julienne has been a potent energy behind what is occurring today in this field.

Finally! There’s now an online “hub” where people who aren’t able to read and understand the Croatian language adequately, or…

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