Something New – A First for All of Us! by Kevin Cooper

He’s a 🌟 Super 🌟 Brand new 👔 and a new 🎸 well you get the meaning mate 👌

Rebirth of Lisa

Try Something New Today!

We took our cat, Aragorn to the pet groomers today. He’s three years old now and we’ve had him almost as long. He’s a beautiful long-haired gray and I’m always combing and brushing his fur. Problem is it just seems to get longer and longer.

DSC00659He loves to go under the fern and always comes back with little green burs caught in his fur… it can be quite a job getting them all out. But I ran into a problem when his fur started to get matted underneath, his belly, between his legs and at the back. Aragorn would not let me brush there let alone use the comb to try and untangle his fur.

There was nothing for it, I had to call a pet groomer and get him sorted. The appointment was made and we took Aragorn to Shiny Pets. They were very understanding to our dilemma and…

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