İNFİNİTE DREAMS Written by: ipek seyhan

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İNFİNİTE DREAMS Written by: ipek seyhan

Erko family decided to have dinner together, because their son became a police officer at last. Dream, eat sitting in front of Can Can for a better view while eating. Ali, angry and Can Dream sits against pushing the dream. Dream, Can: “Joe, you’re so happy for the police Even so glad I did my own marriage,” he said. Life: “But I, I’m so glad your marriage,” he said. Dream: “Because Alice is not the car, we’ll use occasionally your car, Alice he wanted to take me to the furnace in the car, but I prefer to go with you,” he said. Can: “Of course, look at dream comfortable,” he said. Ali, this is reportedly very angry and dream of: “Now get up, wife,” he removes the dream of the table. Can: “I’ll take you up to your house,” he says. Ali: “Don’t you…

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