“How the Bear Lost its Tail:” a Cherokee Fable

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An Argosy of FablesAn Argosy of Fables (Photo credit: Wikisource)

GrimmWilhelm Grimm (left) and Jacob Grimm (right) in an 1855 painting by Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

AnArgosy of Fables is a Wikisource as well as an Internet Archive publication (please click on Internet Archive), which tells the importance of FredericFaber Cooper, 1921’s gift to the world. Both editions contain Paul Bransom‘s illustrations and it would be my opinion that when it was published, in 1921, Frederic Faber Cooper, its editor, was familiar with Finnist folklorist Antti Aarne‘s classification, first published in 1910,  extended by Stith Thompson[1], in 1961, and further revised by Hans-Jörg Uther (2004). It is now entitled the Aarne-Thompson Classification System and constitutes an indispensable tool to folklorists.

The Aarne-Thompson Classification System

The Aarne-Thompson Classification System differs from the Perry Index in that the Perry Index is a classification of Æsopic fables only…

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