Joy V. Smith’s new website

Joy V. Smith

I’ve been thinking about a new website–and domain name–for some time, which meant a lot of research and browsing, and then one night I caught a commercial for Wix on TV.  Hmmm.  Sounds like I don’t have to be on the cutting edge for that.  (Always an incentive.)  So I checked it out and registered  after browsing it for a while.  (I always want to be sure.)

Then I spent a lot of hours and about three days working on it.  At last I’m getting somewhere!  Wait!  What happened to my additions?!  Why can’t I do this and that and why is the template still hanging around?!  Well, I’d looked at a number of reviews, of course, and the consensus was that their support staff is helpful, and finally I called and scheduled an appointment for a phone call.  (They call you.)

So this afternoon I spent about 45 minutes…

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