Review: Battlefield America–The War On The American People

Flag Liberty Blog

By Elisha Dorfsmith

If his previous book A Government Of Wolves was the appetizer, John W. Whitehead’s followup book Battlefield America is the main course.  Where the former touched on how America is moving toward a police state, Whitehead’s newest shows us just how entrenched the police state is in America and tells story after story of how we are all suspects who are looked at as guilty until proven innocent.

Worse, Whitehead explains that we are being ripped off and then victimized by the same funds that are taken from us. He says that Americans are considered little more than pocketbooks to fund the police state that fights against them.

For me, this hits especially close to home when you consider a recent ordinance passed by the City of Flagstaff to crack down on unlawful assembly of 5 persons or more. A first offense (with no warning whatsoever) comes…

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