Identifying Hostile Movement

The Tactical Hermit


In a book I just recently finished entitled 13 Hours in Benghazi, (which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND) on pp. 207-210 one of the GRS Security Operators talks about how when the initial attack started on the CIA Annex from the various armed militia groups, it started very casually, first a car pulls up across the street, then another, then foot traffic starts appearing, then before you know it you have a small mob moving toward your position with seemingly hostile intent. (Keep in mind the operators ROE stated they could not open fire because (A) They were not sure if these guys were friendly militia, (ie the 17th February militia) and (B) They had not been fired upon yet.

As the operator called out what he saw, ne noted “These guys are not moving normally, they are moving TACTICALLY.”  He noted they were moving from “bush to bush” or “cover…

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