Lululemon’s men’s clothing line has one big problem: the company’s curvy logo

Financial Post

Lululemon is ramping up its men’s business by opening standalone men’s stores and devoting more room to menswear in existing stores.

But one thing could hinder its success: the company logo.

Men have complained that the curvy logo, which resembles the Greek letter Omega, is too feminine. Some believe it resembles a woman’s face and hair.

The logo is highly visible on the men’s clothing, just as it is on the women’s line.

Lululemon’s men’s “ABC” pants, for example, have a visible logo just behind the left knee.

LululemonBusiness Insider

Visible logos have gone out of style in recent years. As a prime example of this shift, Abercrombie & Fitch — which built its entire business on selling clothes emblazoned with the brand’s name — was forced to abandon its logo strategy last year as sales plunged.

Lululemon’s visible logos are more discreet than Abercrombie’s, and women don’t appear…

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