Apple Watch customers complaining the digital crown is sticky — and Apple says put it under running water

Financial Post

The digital crown is the little button that sticks out of the side of the Apple Watch, and is used for scrolling through apps, emails, and lots of important functions on the device. But customers are complaining that their digital crown keeps getting sticky.

Mac Rumors reports that the digital crown has been getting sticky for some customers, refusing to move or sometimes requiring effort to make it turn.

It’s not completely clear what could be causing the sticky crowns. The issue is probably due to dust or sweat sticking in the indentation.

apple watch animated emoji

Apple has some unusual advice for people who are experiencing sticky crowns: Hold your watch under a tap for 15 seconds. Now, the Apple Watch isn’t actually waterproof, so the advice does seem a little strange. But Apple says that running water over the crown will free up any dirt and get it moving again.


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