#AceSalesNews – NEW YORK:April.09: The public will have its first chance to see, touch and buy the Apple Watch on Friday, as Apple stores in the U.S. and eight markets abroad start previews and online orders commence.

Prices start at $349, but can go as high as $17,000 for a luxury edition in gold.

Apple store employees will show you the range of options, including different watch cases, bands and sizes though reservations are recommended.

But you won’t be able to walk out with a watch. Watches will be shipped, starting April 24, with no in-store pickup option. The same applies even after the 24th, at least for the foreseeable future.

Although Samsung, Motorola, Sony and other companies already have been selling smartwatches, none has been a hit beyond a small group of tech devotees. The market will be watching to see if Apple’s device changes the game.

Apple Watch requires an iPhone 5 or later with at least iOS 8.2. But iOS 8.3 is recommended.

Released Wednesday, that update offers more than 300 new emojis including different skin tones and depictions of families with two moms or two dads. And no surprise, there’s an Apple Watch as a character now. (Friends who haven’t updated their iPhones yet will see substitute emojis, though).

The Apple Watch isn’t the only gadget available this week. Here are five other new devices and services targeting your wallet.

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