K.C News: ‘ Kev Becomes a Goodreads Author ‘

#AceSalesNews – Dec.17 – Featured Writers Posts: We are please to announce Kevin Cooper and his post;

Whoo-hoo! I’m finally a Goodreads author folks:


I’ve updated my profile, answered some very important Goodreads questions and even put on a new pic. I’m just waiting for them to take off a book that isn’t mine… something about printing… I didn’t write that one folks, but it’s getting sorted. 😉

More importantly, I’ve synced this blog… so my posts will get even more exposure… now I know that you folks are already putting two n two together… that’s right fellow authors… more exposure for Kev’s Author Interviews! So, as well as all the other great social media sites, your interviews, your books, will get direct exposure to the Goodreads Community. Whoo-hoo! 😀

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