‘ The Wizard, The Girl and The Unicorn’s Horn ‘

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B&NWizOK folks it’s the Christmas season and I’m feeling rather jolly already! I’ve uploaded my book, The Wizard, The Girl and The Unicorn’s Horn on to Smashwords and that’s not all folks. It has a whole new lower price! (I know, mad, right?) This is the first in The Chronicles of Geo series. This story is suitable for all audiences, so don’t miss out on this wonderful fantasy adventure tale this Christmas! For those of you who prefer it, check out my publications page for other versions such as kindle, paperback, nook etc. I also have B&N links to all my books in the right hand column and I’ve created a whole new trailer for this work, shown below. Check it out!



This story takes us to the land of Geo which is a relatively small island where farmers, simple towns folk, goblins and trolls live in relative harmony.

The land is shepherded by a wizard whose main role is to keep the peace and harmony by travelling throughout the land every year resolving any developed disputes along the way. Normally this is a relatively easy job for the wizard and no one even remembers him having to perform any magic or put spells on anyone or anything to keep the peace.

One day, all the simple folk disappear and there is a shadow lurking behind the last mountain. The Wizard sets off on his most challenging quest yet: to find the people of Geo and defeat the evil shadow. However, he knows he is not powerful enough to face the shadow on his own.

The wizard encounters a little girl on his journey, who in turn requests help from the most unlikely creatures, but is it enough to face the hordes of demon wargs that the shadow summons from the abyss?

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More information including my introduction to my inspiration for writing, The Wizard, The Girl and The Unicorn’s Horn, the trailer and a short reading from the work here: 

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5.0 out of 5 starsA magical journey!, August 14, 2014

This review is from: The Wizard, The Girl and The Unicorn’s Horn (Paperback)

naamloosI loved reading this book because it took me away to another realm filled with fantasy creatures, adventure and humor.
One of the things I like most about this book are the dialogues that flow so naturally. You can almost hear the characters talk!
The story is easy to read and grabs you from the very beginning. Soon, you don’t want to return home anymore. Kevin uses the right words to paint the surroundings so that the reader gets sucked into this magical world.
The characters are very appealing and come to life on the pages.
Also, the humor in this book is used very cleverly at the right times to make you smile or even laugh out loud.
After a couple of chapters, the story speeds up and you don’t want to put the book down anymore.
I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to read a fantasy story and wants to go on a magical journey!

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